Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween from Bing, Anna, Juancho and Mayumi! 10312006

Friday, October 27, 2006

335i Twin Turbo Review

My buddy just bought a 335i beamer coupe with the twin turbos. I took it for a spin today next to my office on Olympic blvd. I havent driven a manual in 4 years. Clutch was smooth, the gearbox could have had a shorter throw, burled walnut (note to self: nice) and harmon kardon stereo. Popped the RF key in and pressed the start button (note to self: nice) intriguing gear drive whine on 1st and a low rumbling idle. Turned left from Bedford to Olympic, no cars on my lane, the stop light in front on green, floored the accelerator, tires give a short squeek. not too dramatic, 35mph, 40mph, shifted to 2nd, tires give another squeak and the waste gate gave a subtle whoosh, 50 mph, 65 mph, shift to 3rd, turbo gives another nudge of acceleration, 75, cars are coming on fast, I let go, dodged a container van , tapped the brakes, and dodged another car to get to pole position on the next stoplight. Eeenteresting. The brakes gave me a lot of confidence. Didnt even feel like cringing :) Too many cars to do anything here. Did a U-ey around Beverly Glen. Let 'er rip up Olympic again. 1st (tires chirp), 2nd (tires chirp) 3rd (tires chirp), as the rpms climb, the exhuast note goes from low rumble to a high throaty sound (note to self: nice). Shift to 4th then 5th to cruise. My poor heart cant take this much excitement anymore. I'd rather be perch fishing :) Back to Bedford and rowed thru 1st and 2nd on a two lane street with cars parked on both sides. 60mph is not good here. Turned into the parking lot. Nice little coupe this thing. But I like my kayak carrying Camry better (well, not really) :)

Friday, October 13, 2006


Sunday, October 01, 2006

Bendo at Leo Carillo State Beach

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