Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Feast of Saint John the Baptist

In San Juan City, Philippines, the Feast of St. John the Baptist is a celebration of wholesale baptism of whoever passes through the town. The towns people use will use scoops, buckets and weapons of mass baptism to forcibly convert every single passersby in dry clothes. Its a helluva lot of fun :)
It took me a while the get means Water Water

It first starts innocently with water pistols in the morning.

Then come the buckets....

I started to notice crowd control moving in.

Then the fire trucks started postioning themselves along the main boulevard.

They started by resupplying the water gremlins

Then somebody opened Neptunes closet and we flooded the town :)

Mayhem ensued

Never pass thru San Juan on the 24th of June

business as usual, but in wet t-shirts.

and then the water turned into a trickle, and it was over. Hope you liked my little report.