Tuesday, January 30, 2007

First Outing on New Hobie Revolution Kayak

Got a Hobie Revolution pedal powered kayak this new year. I'm gearing up for another trip to La Jolla to target Yellow Tail. First outing was a success despite large swells and a cold front. Bagged two small calico bass. Got to finish rigging her with electronics. The new 3D fish finder and GPS combo from Humminbird is mighty tempting at this point. Unhhh. Too many temptations, not enough cash :)

Pic of Humminbird 797C Fish Finder GPS combo with 3D graphics

Sample of 3D bottom picture. You can tell a sunken tree from structure and a tuna from a lingcod. Amazing tech.

Getting ready to lauch!

We have lift off.

My caterpillar drive

First fish off the new Hobie.

The kelp is growing back in Socal due to recent cold weather.

Another catch.

Kissing my friend bye bye

Got really good specs from the Hobie. I hit a top speed of 5.4mph. Very good compared to my old paddle yak. Did 5 miles today. I can go eat a big mac tomorrow :)

A pic of my days ride on the GPS.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Marist Batch 1987 - 20th Anniversary Cali Edition

First two arrivals!

The host with the most and Richie Kabalyero

Mike, Reece, Roy and Nestor

Mr Lagahit joins the commotion